Cal Poly to Celebrate 2012 International Printing Week

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA—Jan. 4, 2012—Cal Poly’s 2012 International Printing Week program, titled “Expressive Technologies—A Look into the Future of Graphic Communication,” will be held Tuesday through Friday, Jan. 24-27, 2012.

This annual event commemorates Benjamin Franklin’s birthday and his contributions to printing, publishing and communication. The four-day event will include presentations by experts and industry leaders, a Graphic Communication Career Fair, and a banquet.

It is one of the largest and most comprehensive International Printing Week events in the nation, according to Harvey Levenson, head of Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department.

Presentations will cover trends and developments in graphic communication technology, management, design, printed electronics, packaging, hardware, software and printing processes. “Practical and intellectual twists that are helping to shape the future of the industry will be presented,” Levenson said. The program schedule is:

• Tuesday, Jan. 24 — Design Reproduction Technology and Web and Digital Media Day

Linda Clarke of Continental Colorcraft, Patty Driskel and Mark Oliver of Mark Oliver Inc., and Derek Richmond of 180 Global will give presentations on design technology for print, packaging and websites. Also, a panel of professionals will discuss their industry experiences and visions in an open forum. A special feature will be a Battle of the Concentrations Game, in which students demonstrate their knowledge of Cal Poly’s graphic communication concentrations.

• Wednesday, Jan. 25 — Gravure and Packaging Day

Val Sison of Insight Resource Group, Larry Moore of EskoArtwork, Tom Stokes and Sue Raleigh of the Flint Group, Sharon Eucce of Utah Paperbox, and Steve Upton of Chromix will talk on publishing, packaging and specialty gravure products including technical applications and management issues related to “lean” manufacturing costs and predicting the future of printing.

• Thursday, Jan. 26 — Expressive Technologies Day

Technologies that are shaping the future of graphic communication will be highlighted including interactive mobile technology, printed electronics, and cross-media applications. Presenters are Ulrich Moosheimer of the University of Applied Sciences in Munich (who will be Skyped in from Germany), Mike Ciesinski of FlexTech, and John Grubb of EFI.