InnerWorkings Lands Non-Profit Agreement

CHICAGO—InnerWorkings Inc., a provider of global print management and promotional solutions, announced a BPO (business process outsourcing) enterprise agreement with one of America’s largest non-profit organizations. The company did not identify the non-profit organization.

InnerWorkings expects to save the organization at least 15 percent on its materials and labor costs for print and print-related products and services, including commercial printing and direct mail campaigns. Within the direct mail category alone, the organization distributes more than 100 million pieces each year. Approximately 15 InnerWorkings employees will be located on-site.

“Most charitable organizations utilize substantial amounts of printed materials, and the savings InnerWorkings generates can be directly reinvested into additional fundraising efforts,” said Eric Belcher, CEO of InnerWorkings. “We intend to introduce our solution and track record to other non-profits seeking to make the best use of their resources.”

  • Clint

    So this BPO is most probably north of $50 million annual revenues. In addition to saving this non-profit $7-8 million in outside contractor printing costs will also save 12-20 full time employees who previously were responsible for initiating, monitoring, and measuring the print procurement contracts, vendors, and contract addendems.

    The later savings won’t be realized for a year or more as this is an unexpected bonus. As INWK’s software and systems kick in, these non profit employees will be looking for work. As they are assigned new jobs, HR will be scurring to justify those positions during otherwise hiring freezes. So internal politics will determine how long these unnecessary spots are retained.