Business Is Booming For the GPO —Cagle

This one worked recently. It was titled, “Now is the time from Fred Buck @ O’Neil Printing.” Seeing the name Buck O’Neil separated by just the “at” character helped reel in my inner baseball child (which also happens to be my outer child). And since I’ve chatted before with Fred—a musician and perhaps the greatest print salesman Phoenix has ever witnessed—he had my undivided attention.

Take notes, marketers. . .

“Dear Erik:

“My 17-year-old twin daughters have officially been accepted at American University in Washington, DC, (Laura) and Emerson College in Boston (Sarah).

“Laura will be majoring in political science, and Sarah in writing for film.

“The subject line of this e-mail refers to now being the time.

“For what, you may ask?

“To think about potentially printing with us at O’Neil Printing.

“Why now? Because of the first paragraph of the e-mail.

“Also, we are now offering short-run HP Indigo printing in addition to our 40˝ eight-color and six-color Heidelberg presses, in-house bindery and diecutting services.

“Thanks so much for potentially thinking of us for your next print job.”

As my amigo Harris DeWese loves to say, don’t forget to ask for the job. The best way to score a touchdown is to throw the ball into the end zone.

But you have to love Fred’s personal approach. It’s all about identifying with your customers, who also have sons and daughters, tuition bills, wedding tabs and graduation gifts with four tires on them, etc. That marks him as one of us. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to catwalk the big H-berg and HP iron in the process to justify going with O’Neil Printing.

Nice job, Fred. And if you want to sample some of Fred’s musicianship, visit and type in “fredbuck.”

MAJOR LEAGUE ENTICEMENT: We get a lot of invitations to attend open houses, galas, unveilings, etc., but aren’t always able to attend. It made me cry to not fly out for one held April 5 by Continental Web Press, which celebrated an open house at its Walton, KY, facility.

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