Bush Visits The Printer

Benskin soon learned how detailed each presidential appearance is mapped out. Nine branches of the Secret Service paid a visit to The Printer, conducting background checks, physically inspecting the plant, sweeping for biological and chemical issues, and monitoring landline and wireless communications, among other things.


“When I first got the phone call (informing of Bush’s visit), I didn’t realize the magnitude of the event,” Benskin admits. “We’ve had governors and senators at the facility before, but I guess I didn’t realize what it’s like when the heart of the U.S. government comes to your company. It was phenomenal to watch. The Secret Service was everywhere for five days.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, an incredible event, and the process leading to it was awesome.”

Prior to his speech, Bush held a 25-minute roundtable discussion on the 401(k) plan with four of The Printer’s employees. Following the general speech, which also touched on the national economy and the country’s war on terrorism, Bush spent 25 minutes greeting the employees.

The Printer has had a 401(k) program in place for its employees since 1986. Benskin noted that his company has a high participation rate, along with a savings rate that is three and a half times the national average. That, he said, played a large role in The Printer being selected for the visit.

Benskin was thoroughly impressed by President Bush and came away from the experience with a better appreciation of the person and his job.

“He’s a phenomenal man, a smart and compassionate man,” Benskin said of Bush. “It wasn’t a speech (Bush delivered), it was more like a discussion he had with our employees. His visit meant a lot to the employees, their families and this community.”

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