Bush Pays Visit to VA Printer

STERLING, VA—President Bush dropped in on ColorCraft of Virginia on March 28, touting how businesses like the printer’s will be able to benefit from his recently passed economic stimulus package. Bush was given a tour of the facility by ColorCraft CEO Jim Mayes, who pointed out to the president other machinery that was purchased during previous stimulus acts.

“ColorCraft is a small, thriving business that will benefit from the stimulus package that the Congress passed earlier this year,” said Bush, who also noted that the company’s employees would benefit greatly from the relief checks, which will be mailed starting in May. “…if Jim decides to purchase software or machinery, there is a tax incentive encouraging him to do so.”

Later, Bush underscored the need to give the economy a financial infusion. “The Congress, along with the White House, worked very closely to pass a very substantial pro-growth package,” he said.

Also on the presidential campaign front, presumptive 2008 Republican nominee John McCain dropped in on C&H Letterpress, of Santa Ana, CA, during the same week as Bush’s ColorCraft visit.

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