Buchanan Visual Communications–Getting Better All the Time

With this in mind, the new facility has been streamlined so that a job literally comes in the front door and travels in a workflow path to the back door. From the prepress room to the bindery, each department is strategically placed. Dave boasts, “The [distance from the] customer lounge to the pressroom is less than 50 paces.”

A One-stop Shop
Over the years, Buchanan has expanded its capabilities along with its quarters. As a result, it offers more prepress services, full-color scanning and retouching, a complete digital workflow, and more postpress services than ever before, including storage and fulfillment.

The size and scope of the company today would stagger the late “Tiny” Buchanan, who founded it in 1958. Buchanan, employing 100 people, is now a full-service commercial printer specializing in four-, five- and six-color sheetfed work, including brochures, catalogs and direct mail.

The latest move has brought about even more improvements, including the installation of new printing equipment: a Heidelberg Quickmaster DI digital press; a six-color, 20×29˝ Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 perfector with coater; and two six-color Heidelberg Speedmaster CD presses with coaters. In addition, a six-color Heidelberg Harris M-110B web press with in-line finishing will be installed by the end of March.

Improved Print Quality
Still another improvement is the installation of AirDale, a moisture control system, on three of these new sheetfed presses. After arranging a trial period with Dallas-based Printing Research last May, the Johnsons were so impressed that after trading in Buchanan’s old presses for the new Heidelbergs, there was no question about whether to install AirDale systems.

While Heidelberg is Buchanan’s manufacturer of choice for sheetfed presses, the Johnsons found that AirDale improved the quality of their printing. This compact moisture control system gives printers the ability to print to color with a thinner film of ink, promising up to 15-percent better ink mileage.

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