Equipment Broker Allegedly Defrauded Printer Customers

HERNANDO COUNTY, FL—The owner of a business that brokers the sales of printing equipment to commercial printers was arrested and charged with defrauding customers out of at least $376,000 during a 15-month period, WPVI-TV reported.

Angela Arcona, 56, the owner of Southwest Equipment for Hernando County, is accused of accepting monies to secure the purchase of printing gear between November 2011 and March 2013 with no intention of filling the orders. Arcona allegedly provided the victims with fraudulent sales invoices that indicated several sellers were using Southwest Equipment to broker the sales, according to WPVI-TV.

Arcona’s role was to obtain deposits and payments to secure the sales prior to inspection and disassembly of the purchased equipment.

The sellers listed on the sales invoices told Hernando County Sheriff’s Office investigators that they had no knowledge of any contracts involving Southwest Equipment. According to detectives, the contracted equipment in question was mostly not for sale, already sold or extremely under priced on the invoices. Arcona allegedly provided a bogus bill of lading to demonstrate one piece of gear was being shipped.

While Arcona told investigators that the bill of lading was fake, she denied the sales invoices were fraudulent, even after being shown proof.

In 2005, Arcona and her husband, Paul, were charged with organized scheme to defraud and grand theft. They allegedly defrauded eight businesses out of $289,400, WPVI-TV said.

Anyone suspecting they have been defrauded by Arcona and Southwest Equipment can contact Detective Tony Aguiar at (352) 797-3723.

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