Kidnapping Victim Found Alive by Texas Rangers

DOUBLE OAK, TX—A woman who was kidnapped shortly after leaving her job at Oak Lawn, TX-based Brodnax Printing early Thursday morning has been found by Texas Rangers alive and unharmed near the New Mexico border, several news organizations reported.

Eileen Loskot, 54, works in customer service for Brodnax and was putting in extra hours in order to get ahead so that she could take some time off next week for the holidays, according to the Dallas Morning News. She left at 1 a.m. and about 40 minutes later, called her husband to say that her car had been rear-ended in an accident. Her husband, Gary, didn’t answer the phone, but called police before 7 a.m. after hearing the message and seeing that his wife had not come home.

Two or three men rushed Loskot’s car and demanded money, Dallas police told the News. In the message, scuffling sounds could be heard, as well as demands that Loskot hand over her debit and credit cards. The phone went dead after one of the suspects asked Loskot if she was calling the police.

According to police, two of the men forced Loskot to drive to an ATM 50 miles away. She was seen on surveillance video at a Bank of America branch around 2:45 a.m., making three withdraws of $300 each, a look of alarm and concern on her face, police said. A shadowy figure can be seen sitting in her car’s front passenger seat.

Police are still looking for Loskot’s red 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe, as well as the perpetrators who kidnapped Loskot before setting her free in Vega, TX, late Thursday night.

The driver of the car that rear-ended Loskot was actually pulled over later in the morning for an unspecified offense. After Loskot was found, she provided information that enabled police to track down Matthew Casaus, 23, who confessed to his role in the kidnapping, CBS-TV 11 reported.