British Printer Marries Fleet of Electric Cars to Solar Roof Panels as Employee Perk

RCS Printers founder and Managing Director Michael Todd demonstrates how to use the charging station for the company’s six Nissan Leaf electric cars.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, UK—Jan. 25, 2012—RCS Printers is using the 100-percent electric Nissan Leaf cars as an integral part of its corporate commitment to reduce energy use and its overall carbon footprint. The printing company has purchased six of the vehicles for use by a number of its 120-strong staff, including company founder and managing director Michael Todd.

Most importantly, because of the huge bank of solar panels on the roof of RCS’s 43,000 square foot printing facility, the cars are charged for free.

“The environment forms a key part of our company ethos and our fleet of Nissan Leafs build on our vision of becoming the U.K.’s most environmentally friendly printer,” explained Todd. “The Leaf is the first practical five door, five seat EV on the U.K. market and our staff have embraced all aspects of the car which is why we kept adding them to our fleet.”

RCS offers staff access to a Nissan Leaf in return for a small salary sacrifice each month. In return, staff get to drive the Nissan Leaf and, because of its zero emissions status, are not liable for any Benefit in Kind taxation, effectively providing them with free transport—a tasty perk in these tough economic times.

Charging the Leaf fleet has also just become easier with RCS installing an ABB rapid charger on site which means that the car can be charged to 80 percent capacity in less than 30 minutes. This is the first of its kind purchased and installed by a private company in the U.K.

RCS is benefiting financially from going green. Along with the Leaf being liable for zero road tax and the company qualifying for 100-percent first year capital allowances, Todd’s solar panels and other energy reduction strategies have reduced his company’s monthly fuel bills by a massive 65 percent—from £11,000 to £3,500.

“There is no question the financial benefits are a bonus, but gaining the coveted ISO 14001 environmental standard and FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) status—which means all paper we use can be traced back to its source—shows we live and breathe the environment at RCS,” said Todd.

“That’s why the 100% electric, Nissan LEAF was a perfect choice for us,” he added.

Source: Nissan.

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