Bright Rays of Hope Amid Negative News –Michelson

• In another piece, contributing columnist Suzanne Morgan reveals results from recent Print Buyers Quick Poll surveys, which note how the recession is impacting printers’ customers and, in some cases, changing the dynamics of printer-buyer relationships. She provides practical tips on ways that printing establishments can thrive, not just survive. Likewise, columnist Harris DeWese comments on how some salespeople waste time as a way to tune out all the bad economic news. In his typical tongue-in-cheek style, DeWese serves up the “Mañana Man’s Great Time Waster Hall of Fame.” Compare how many of these extracurricular activities you’re guilty of doing to appear busy at your desk—rather than remaining focused on prospecting for new business and building existing customer relationships. It’s classic DeWese, so be sure to chuckle your way through his lighthearted column that carries a serious message.

• Coverage also appears on three recent, well-attended industry events, validating that—despite cutbacks and travel restriction policies—printers will still attend focused conferences and exhibitions. The Print UV conference in Las Vegas attracted a big crowd, confirming printers’ continued interest in the UV printing process. I was among the nearly 4,000 attendees at the Hunkeler InnovationDays in Switzerland, a bi-annual mini trade show geared toward high-speed, continuous-feed digital printing and in-line pre/post paper handling and finishing. Some 1,300 people also flocked to Orlando for what was viewed as a very upbeat Dscoop4 HP Indigo users annual conference.

All news can’t be cheerful, obviously; but if we can all look for, and latch onto, what’s positive, our core attitudes will improve. Perceptions of hope may then become reality. PI

Mark T. Michelson

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