Braintree Printing Launches Video-Based Social Media Marketing Campaign

BRAINTREE, MA—August 31, 2012—Braintree Printing, a digital printing and offset printing company serving printers and print brokers throughout the Northeast, increased its social media outreach this summer with an online marketing campaign. In just six weeks, the Massachusetts-based printer dramatically improved its online visibility by creating numerous customer service and how-to printing videos, along with fun and informative Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Linked In posts.

Jim Corliss, owner of Braintree Printing, said the company reaped the benefits of the fearless, tech savvy younger set when it hired Sindhu Reddy, a recent Mount Holyoke College graduate, as a social media intern. “Sindhu jumped right in and learned about our business. She got to know our employees and customers. And then took what she’d discovered and created a fantastic social media campaign,” reported Corliss. “Her enthusiasm was contagious. She even convinced me to star in a YouTube video.”

Along with Liz Rowe, Braintree Printing’s online controller, Reddy created 40 YouTube videos about Braintree Printing. Many were straight-forward with printing tips and tricks, others promoted specific services or equipment, and still others were light-hearted, such as the game show, or “man on the street” beach interviews. All were creative and engaging and aimed at entertaining viewers while educating them.

Rowe said Braintree Printing increased its YouTube views by more than 75 percent in just one month. “The videos have triggered conversations during our sales calls,” she said. “Customers are watching and commenting. They can see what Braintree Printing is all about.”

She added that integrated posts have also been created for social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

About Braintree Printing
Braintree Printing provides offset printing and digital printing for printers and print brokers throughout the Northeast. Owned by Jim Corliss, Jerry Hogan and Jose Tafur, the 30-year-old company specializes in high-end, four- and five-color offset printing and digital printing, book printing, and various types of bindery and finishing. It has $6.51 million in annual sales.

  • Rick Koh

    now they just need to respond to my 2 recent email requests for a price quote.

  • btreeprint

    Rick, I apologize for the delay in our response to your estimate request. We are aware of that our timing on estimates is something we needed to work on; fortunately we have just hired a new estimator. Our goal has always been to reply back with numbers within 2 hours of receipt and will continue to strive towards that timing. We appreciate your requests and are working on faster replies. Thank you for your partnership, Liz @ Braintree Printing