Braintree Printing Installs Five-Color Ryobi Press with Aqueous Coater

Braintree Printing press operators Michael Foley and Kevin Jenkins (top) stand in front of the company’s new five-color Ryobi press with (left to right) Joseph Yotts, Citizens Bank; Craig Simpson, Lindenmyer; Edward Canzano, Sappi; and Jim Corliss, Braintree Printing owner.

BRAINTREE, MA—Sept. 19, 2011—Braintree Printing, a digital and offset printing company serving printers and print brokers throughout the Northeast, recently added a new Ryobi printing press to its fleet of equipment. The Ryobi 755XLW is Braintree Printing’s third Ryobi acquisition and second Ryobi five-color press purchase and, according to Owner Jim Corliss, a welcome and much-needed addition.

“Our four- and five-color presses run constantly,” said Corliss. “The Ryobi 755XLW will help us keep pace with customer demand for full color brochures, book covers, magazines and direct mail projects.”

The press can accommodate paper sizes as large as 23×29” and can print six-up 8.5×11” sheets.

A valuable feature of the Ryobi 755XLWincludes a digital workflow system which allows complete control of the production process, from makeready through printing, including paper changing, cleaning and color adjustment. The machine’s built-in aqueous coater speeds delivery of the printed product to the bindery department. Little downtime equals more productivity and profitability.

Corliss said the new press is capable of printing 16,000 sheets per hour on paper stocks of varying thicknesses, from onion skin to cardboard up to 0.6 mm thick. Braintree Printing regularly collaborates with paper distributors Craig Simpson of Lindenmyer and Edward Canzano of Sappito offer customers a broad range of paper choices.

Braintree Printing purchased the Ryobi 755XLW from Superior Offset Repair and Supply in Saugus, MA and secured financing through Citizens Bank in Braintree. Installation began in July when Celco Construction of Pembroke, MA, built a 12” thick, reinforced concrete floor pad to support the press’s enormous weight. Varrasso Electric of Braintree, MA, coordinated the electrical installation.

Braintree Printing’s production supervisor, a printing pro with 51 years in the business said he continues to be amazed by the printing industry’s new technology. “I’ve been a printer since I was 15,” said Al Proctor. “It still excites me whenever we get a new piece of equipment.” He said the Ryobi 755XLW has cut production time in half—and it’s a machine he’s proud to operate. “There are only 90 five color Ryobis in the United States and we’ve got two of them here,” he said.

About Braintree Printing
Braintree Printing provides offset and digital printing for printers and print brokers throughout the Northeast. Owned by Jim Corliss, Jerry Hogan and Jose Tafur, the 28-year-old company specializes in high-end 4 and 5 color offset printing and digital printing, book printing and various types of bindery. With $5.97 million in annual sales, Braintree Printing ranked 28th nationwide and was the highest ranking Massachusetts printer on Quick Printing Magazine’s 2011 Top 100 List. Braintree Printing operates 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week in a 17,000 sq ft plant on Wood Road in Braintree, MA.

Source: Braintree.