Braintree Printing Adds New Paper Counting Equipment

BRAINTREE, MA—January 28, 2013—Braintree Printing, one of the top digital printing and offset printing companies in the Northeast, now has two paper counter machines—Count-Wise I and Count-Wise M—manufactured by U.S. Paper Counters of Cairo, NY. These digital sheet counters and tabbers take the guesswork out of printing jobs, ensuring exact paper counts and precise tabbing. Thanks to the precision of the new units, the Massachusetts printer is saving money, time and paper.

Braintree Printing owners Jim Corliss, Jerry Hogan and Jose Tafur attended GRAPH EXPO 2012 along with Steve Hawes, bindery manager. They were on a mission to decrease the company’s largest expense: paper.

“Our old way of counting paper prior to a printing job was to measure the stack of paper and make a reasonable guesstimate,” said Hawes. “Sometimes we were short and had to re-cut more paper. Or worse, we had cut too much and the unused paper would sit, dry out or discolor. Twenty to 30 sheets of overage might not sound like much, but with 40 jobs per day, the numbers add up.”

The Braintree Printing team was sold on two Count-Wise units displayed at GRAPH EXPO’s tradeshow. They purchased the Count-Wise I which can count up to 2,500 sheets-per-minute and tabs in batches from 3 to 9,999. The unit has a 28×28˝ table, a jogging plate and foot-activated start switch.

The Count-Wise M offers the same speed and production capabilities of the Count-Wise I, but with a 36×36˝ air flotation table that can accommodate large and cumbersome stock. It has multiple jogging plates, large electronic displays and one button initiation.
The paper counter machines are being used in Braintree Printing’s bindery and pressroom. Hawes said the equipment’s use is in the early stages but the company likes what it sees. The machines are particularly effective for packaged printed stock in specific amounts. “Often customers request banded or shrink-wrapped sheets in batches of 25, 18 up on a sheet. That’s a lot of counting if done by hand.”

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