BPA Members Report Growing Digital Qualified Circulations

SHELTON, CT—Oct. 5, 2010—Whether it’s a matter of cost savings or an eye toward reaching mobile apps, the count of BPA Worldwide members claiming qualified digital copies on their June 2010 reports continues to grow and now stands at 480 titles.

Angie’s List claimed the top position in BPA’s ranking of member publications by digital subscribers for the first half of 2010. Angie’s List reported distributing an average of 203,164 digital copies—a 23.5% increase over the June 2009 reporting period. Electronic editions now comprise nearly 38% of the magazine’s total subscriber base.

On average, digital copies made up 17.8% of total circulation for all BPA members reporting them on their June 2010 statements. Again, the trend toward digital is on the increase as digital made up only 15.7% of media owner’s total circulation a year prior.

Other titles topping BPA’s list included Oracle Magazine, with 181,821 digital copes reported for the period; Chief Executive China (107,833); NASA Tech Briefs (67,175); and eSchool News (52,802).

In terms of digital copies as a percentage of total qualified circulation, HRW – Hydro Review Worldwide topped the list with 91.4% digital subscribers (9,435 TQ). Hydro Review was second with 88.5% digital (8,879 TQ); followed by Engineering Inc. with 84.2% (34,513 TQ); Cosmetics & Toiletries with 80.5% (5,309 TQ); and Journal of American Water Works Association with 73.6% (43,108 TQ).

Glenn Hansen, BPA’s President and CEO, explained that digital circulation continues to play an important role for media owners as they seek to achieve cost savings while also moving toward more sophisticated marketing platforms. “Digital editions offer potential for realizing significant distribution and circulation marketing cost efficiencies,” he said. “In addition, digital circulation will likely play a key role as publishers move to mobile solutions to market their brands.”

Added Joseph Pramberger, President, Tech Briefs Media Group, which publishes NASA Tech Briefs, “We believe digital magazines are here to stay and will only gain in popularity. As the technology evolves, digital publications become more dynamic, and the user experience continues to improve, we expect more of our subscribers to choose digital delivery.”

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Source: Press release.