Bourg Power Square 200 Binder Gives ‘Edge” to Xerox Nuvera System

PHILADELPHIA—April 2, 2009—C.P. Bourg, the world’s leading technology developer and supplier of in-line and near-line document feeding, binding and finishing equipment, today announced that the Bourg Power Square 200 binder was selected to produce square-backed stitched books connected to the new Xerox Nuvera 200 EA Perfecting Production System at On Demand Expo.

The innovative book-making system, distributed by C.P. Bourg as the Bourg Power Square 200, combines the four processes of stitching, folding, spine-forming and trimming to produce square-backed books from eight to 200 pages (two to 50 sheets) of 80 gsm (22 lb) bond; and features fully automatic set-up for book size and pagination, including variable stitch leg length for varying book thickness.

The Bourg Power Square 200 is a non-dynamic, in-line booklet maker capable of producing economical, stitched books up to 10 mm thick. This makes it ideally suited to higher paginations and thicker stocks, as well as a fast and cost effective alternative to perfect binding or tape binding for volume applications of documents with limited variability.

Here at On Demand Expo, the Bourg POWER SQUARE 200 is operating in-line with the new Xerox Nuvera 200 EA system producing 80-page, 8-1/2 x 11-inch finished-size directories as well as a 2-up special edition pocket guides that are being cut into two square-backed, stitched booklets.

The Bourg Power Square 200 can operate with any system in the Xerox Nuvera product line – the Xerox Nuvera 100/120/144 EA Production Systems and Xerox Nuvera 288 EA Perfecting Production System as well as the Xerox Nuvera 200 EA system.

C.P. Bourg is the exclusive distributor of the Watkiss PowerSquare 200TM to Xerox throughout the Americas.

C.P. Bourg – The Print Finishing Experts
For nearly 50 years, C.P. Bourg has designed and delivered innovative binding and finishing solutions to meet the needs of the global printing and finishing industry. C.P. Bourg’s reputation – as the world’s leading technology developer and supplier of in-line and near-line document feeding, binding and finishing equipment for the broad spectrum of traditional and digital printing environments – is built on a history of Mr. Christian Pierre Bourg’s achievement and continuous commitment to quality, innovation and efficiency. This commitment has led to privileged relationships with numerous digital print suppliers, and with tens of thousand customers worldwide who rely on C.P. Bourg equipment to turn print on paper into quality finished products.

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