Bookmasters Celebrates 40 Years of Industry Service, Business Expansion

ASHLAND, OH—Oct. 2, 2012—Bookmasters, a leading provider of editorial, design, book printing, eBook conversion and distribution services, is celebrating 40 years of service to the publishing community.

Founded in 1972 with a primary focus on offset book printing services, the company quickly expanded into composition, editorial and design-based services. By the mid-1980s, its portfolio of services was expanded to include distribution and book storage.

In the last 20 years, Bookmasters has completed the publishing service cycle with the addition of field sales, book marketing and publicity departments, a robust print-on-demand solution, and a comprehensive eBook program that takes content from creation to market.

“I’ve worked with Bookmasters for around 15 years,” said Thomas Bacher, director of the University of Akron Press. “As they’ve expanded their operations, they have retained their customer focus. Their team members are good listeners.”

“We have served publishers and authors for 40 years by providing quality publishing services and have proven to be an innovative and trustworthy publishing partner,” said David Wurster, CEO of Bookmasters. “We look forward to continue growing and meeting the challenges of an ever-changing publishing industry.”

Earlier in the year, the company launched an improved website with renewed brand identity and updated content regarding the company’s broad spectrum of offerings for publishers and authors.

To commemorate the company’s 40th anniversary, Bookmasters will extend special offers in the month of October for each of its core publishing services.

About Bookmasters
Bookmasters, based in Ashland, OH, is one of the largest integrated providers of editorial and design, eBook conversion, printing, printed book and eBook distribution, and marketing services for publishers and authors. The organization has remained a publishing industry leader for more than 40 years.

Source: Bookmasters.