Bolger Vision Beyond Print — New Ways to Add Value

Bolger’s new 10-color KBA Rapida 105 five-over-five long perfector sheetfed press.

Jolyn Gagner works her magic with Bolger’s Xerox iGen3 digital production press.

Brothers dik (left) and Charley Bolger, the brain trust at Bolger Vision Beyond Print.

THE NAME pretty much says it all: Bolger Vision Beyond Print. Brothers dik and Charles “Charley” Bolger have situated their company to position printing as the centerpiece of a communications buffet—confident that customers will sample a little off of each plate before reaching the main course.

“Printing needs to be like a Swiss train,” explains dik Bolger, who spearheads sales and marketing operations at Bolger Vision Beyond Print. “If you’re traveling in Switzerland and the schedule says the train will depart at 1:01 p.m., that train leaves promptly at 1:01 p.m. I want the client to know their printing will be of consistent quality and delivered on time. And I want to bring value-added services to the table. That’s how we can differentiate ourselves.”

Going beyond print has been the staple for more than the 30-plus years that the Bolger brothers have been a part of the vision. Founded in 1934 by John and Genevieve Bolger, the Minneapolis-based company has always followed the value-added mantra, notes Charley Bolger, the company’s financial whiz.

A Family Affair

“Dad always ran a typesetting operation, because he thought buyers wanted more than printing,” he says. “That kind of remains our philosophy today.”

It’s almost easy to forget that sheetfed offset printing is at the core of this multifaceted company. With $30 million in annual sales and two facilities within a mile of each other, Bolger derives about 40 percent of its gross margin from print-on-demand and fulfillment services. Its mailing operation churns out two million pieces per month, while 180 Creative is a design agency that has evolved into providing strategic marketing and branding services.

According to dik Bolger, the ideal customer purchases $100,000 a year encompassing three services offered by Bolger Vision Beyond Print. The true value of the company, he feels, lies within the overall bundle.

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