Blurb Expands Its Print Options to Include Magazines and Brochures

SAN FRANCISCO—Nov. 6, 2012—Blurb, the global creative publishing platform, has released two additions to its on-demand print products—magazines and brochures. These new products, available via an Adobe InDesign plug-in, combine print-on-demand flexibility with quality and design capabilities to meet the individual needs of consumers and businesses, regardless of how big or small the job.

Until now, those looking to create high-quality product catalogs, promotional collateral, look books, brand presentations and brochures in small quantities were limited by minimum order requirements, resulting in high, unattainable costs. Blurb’s new on-demand offering allows consumers and businesses to print low-volume orders in one week, which can be easily updated and reprinted. This results in lower development costs, no inventory management or storage costs, and much less waste.

“Creating a distinctive print marketing piece used to mean printing thousands of copies and weeks to turnaround,” said Eileen Gittins, Blurb’s CEO and founder. “With our new brochure offering, the minimum order is one copy, the turnaround time is a few days and multiple options are available for cover finishes. Our new magazine offering is perfect for the short, ‘bursty’ way that people create and consume content today. Who doesn’t want to see their work published in a magazine?”

High-Quality Printing Meets Ease of Design
Blurb magazines and brochures, both of which are made using Blurb’s platform and its plug-in for Adobe InDesign, let anyone create customized publications that push the creative edge. Both products are printed on HP Indigo presses—the industry’s leading printer for on-demand publishing.

Blurb magazines are affordable, lighter-weight, perfect-bound, 20- to 240-page publications ideal for creative and editorial content. Blurb brochures range from four to 48 pages and offer saddlestitched binding and a selection of cover finishes. Both magazines and brochures are U.S. industry standard 8.5×11˝ formats.

Customers can easily convert their Blurb magazines or brochures to digital versions as eBooks for the iPad or as PDFs for easy sharing and dissemination. No minimum orders are required to create Blurb Magazines or Brochures, but customers creating publications in bulk can take advantage of Blurb’s volume orders discounts.

“With both of these new products, we are leveling the playing field; now individuals and businesses can look as impressive as their much larger competitors,” Gittins said.

About Blurb
Blurb is a creative publishing platform that unleashes the creative genius inside everyone. Blurb’s platform makes it easy to design, publish, market and sell professional-quality print books, magazines and ebooks. Blurb’s bookstore and online marketing tools enable customers to sell their work, and keep 100 percent of their profit for print books and 80 precent of their sales price for ebooks. Blurb’s social and community features allow customers to create and share Blurb books across social channels with ease.

Source: Blurb.

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  • jelly andrews

    Great post! I think this only means that brochures and magazines are still an effective marketing tool. Even in the advancement in technology, we can’t deny the fact that the old ways are still amazing.