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Blogger: “Why Should We Keep Print Alive?” –Michelson

February 2011

• "And, as an advertiser, I want my printers to realize that just because I want to try new media options, doesn't mean I don't still love them and want them to be part of my life. And, if they even add some of these new, exciting options to their 'bag of tricks'—I'd be more than happy to give them the first shot."

Just like printing establishments seeking to offer new, value-added services that complement their ink-on-paper offerings and create stronger customer partnerships, Printing Impressions continues to adapt to a rapidly changing, publishing industry landscape. Building on the editorial content within our printed product, we are now focused just as strongly on creating unique, and oftentimes interactive, material for both our Website and for our free, daily and weekly e-mail newsletters. (To subscribe, visit and click on the "Subscribe to Free E-Newsletters" link.) These online initiatives help printers to stay abreast of pertinent news and trends, in real-time.

And, to make it effortless to follow leading industry bloggers—in one, easy-to-navigate site—we recently launched It features regular bloggers found on Printing Impressions and two sister magazine Websites, supplemented by third-party blog posts aggregated from sources such as industry associations, independent consultants and pundits, and other stakeholders. Please take a moment and visit the site.

Like Forsberg, we also love printers, and hope that these ancillary options keep you informed and entertained, day in and day out, between PI magazine mailings.
Mark T. Michelson



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