Blogger: “Why Should We Keep Print Alive?” –Michelson

I don’t know Clay Forsberg personally, but I was captivated by his recent blog that pondered how our venerable printing industry can remain viable in a new world order where marketers are increasingly drawn to electronic communication and social media. A world where e-readers and e-tablets are replacing the demand for printed books, magazines and newspapers. And a world where ever “smarter” smart phones are predicted to become even bigger game changers. Today’s rapid pace of technological upheaval is enough to make one’s head spin, especially for those whose livelihoods depend on the printing industry staying a key part of the modern media mix.

Forsberg knows full-well how change can occur seemingly overnight. Now the principal of consulting firm bleedingEDGE, the 20+-year industry veteran once worked as a headhunter who specialized in recruiting skilled electronic prepress operators. A few years back, 
he saw his open job orders vanish in just two months time. Forsberg reinvented himself: he now advises digital printers on ways to build customer loyalty through various customized initiatives. Even if digital personalization capabilities are not part of your commercial print shop’s repertoire, his observations below on why print should remain relevant, for advertisers/marketers and consumers alike, still hold true:

• “As an advertiser, it would be great to be able to make sure my customers know about things I had to offer, the things that are relevant to their lives. And I want to make sure it gets to them at a time when they could use it most…

• “As a consumer, I’d like to receive something from the companies I shop at (or even have just visited), to show me that they have actually spent the time to realize I’m an individual—not like my next door neighbor, or even my wife or my daughter. If it was a printed piece, that would be cool too, maybe even with a stamp on it—that would even be best since it’s a lot harder to do, and more expensive than just sending out an e-mail or a text. It’ll show me you care about me and my business.