BizCard Xpress Plans to Expand Franchises Into Canadian Territory

The staff at a BizCard Xpress center—one of 25 printing and sign centers within the United States.

TAMPA BAY, FL—April 23, 2014—After experiencing continued success with each additional franchise location, BizCard Xpress has now announced that it plans to expand its influence into the Canadian market. With the launch of 25 new printing and sign centers within the United States over the last two years, BizCard Xpress has decided to add a new Vice President of Franchise Development with comprehensive experience in the franchise industry, Bryan Smith. His latest initiative has been to pursue BizCard Xpress’ goal of increasing its reach outside of U.S. borders by penetrating the global marketplace.

Smith was brought onto the BizCard Xpress’ executive team in 2013 with an impressive 24 plus years of experience in developing and growing franchise operations, including six years of working in the Canadian market. From 2001 to 2007, Smith served as the vice president of Canadian Operations for Sign-A-Rama, a franchise operation that creates custom signs with locations in over 35 countries around the world.

At the time that he took over the Canadian operations of Sign-A-Rama, the company had been struggling with only six franchise units remaining in the country. Sign-A-Rama brought on Smith, a member of its executive team, to turn around its success in the Canadian market with the mission to improve operational performance while increasing brand awareness and reputation. He left the country after serving six years as vice president of its Canadian territory, bringing the total number of open locations to nearly 50 during his period of leadership.

Smith has since accepted a position with BizCard Xpress to promote the same financial growth with a strong global presence. BizCard Xpress offers three key services rolled into one: printing, sign manufacturing, and promotional advertising. Smith saw an opportunity to help develop this business franchise during its initial introduction to the international marketplace, joining BizCard Xpress’ executive team with the vision and drive to spur the impressive growth that it has experienced within American territory.

The company’s “Triple Play” model is smart yet intuitively simple: printing, signs, and promotional items, e.g. corporate wear and apparel, all available to customers under the same roof. Furthermore, the products don’t end up costing the customers a dime once the return on investment (ROI) is realized. Smith commented: “Our customers don’t buy from our company. When they come to BizCard Xpress, they are investing in their own business by using our products to promote and build their brand.”

BizCard Xpress is currently in the process of looking to put together a Canadian team of executives with either a Master License or Area Development License. Smith is searching for potential leaders who are willing to learn and work as a team with him to develop the Canadian expansion of BizCard Xpress. The new corporate team will be building the BizCard Xpress brand with Smith, who is well-versed in Canadian business practices with experience in the financing of franchise units within the market, as well as in developing a brand name into an industry leader.

About BizCard Xpress

BizCard Xpress is a rapidly growing printing and sign franchise that offers custom-designed business cards ready in one hour or less, and extremely fast printing services for businesses and consumers alike. Its printing service includes copies, brochures, banners and signs, as well as an assortment of other marketing and advertising materials. BizCard Xpress offers a variety of items for promoting your business, event, personal product or invention, with over 800,000 promotional items in the forms of print, sign, decal, T-shirt, and more.

Source: BizCard Xpress.

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