BINDERY matters

Springboard Development owners 
Linda and Tom Christopherson stand with their new Duplo DSF-2000 sheet feeder and DBM-350/T bookletmaker and trimmer.

David Sasser, Grand River Printing 
& Imaging's bindery operator, handles a job on the company's new Polar cutter.

Fully Integrated, In-Line System Produces Full-Bleed, Folded Booklets

ROCHESTER, MN— Springboard Development has installed a new Duplo DC-645 Integrated Folding System (IFS) and a bookletmaking system connecting the mid-range DBM-350/T bookletmaker and trimmer with a DSF-2000 sheet feeder.

The DC-645 IFS combines the DC-645 slitter/cutter/creaser with an in-line knife folder, allowing users to create full-bleed, folded pieces using a single machine.

Springboard Development also produces buttons and pins through its Website (

Grand River Boosts Output with Automation in the Bindery

BELLEVILLE, MI—Grand River Printing & Imaging, a full-service commercial web printer based here, has added a 45˝ Polar 115 XT guillotine cutter with Autotrim. The new cutter, also equipped with a scale and a lift, is being used to cut and trim a wide variety of commercially printed materials from postcard-size formats on up.

According to Plant Manager Jim Hartnett, Grand River’s cutting department already has noted significant enhancements in precision, speed, quality and productivity—which is up around 30 percent (with one operator) due to the action of the Autotrim waste removal system.

“Our operators really appreciate the job setup and recall, which improves our repeatability and, in general, makes life easier for the operator,” says Hartnett.

Customized Cutters Facilitate Retail Shelf-Edge Labels

COLUMBUS, OH—Vestcom has taken delivery of a pair of Heidelberg Polar 78 X cutters, specially engineered to handle contact label stock. According to production facility manager Michael Smith, the unique bevel of the silicone coated blade—in addition to a proprietary cleaning pad designed to keep the back of the blade clean—facilitate the cutting of multiple lifts of adhesive-backed paper used to produce a variety of in-store retail shelf-edge labels.

The Polar 78 X “self-cleaning” cutters are said to be the first in the world to feature this type of application, and replace an aging cutter that was equipped with a standard carbide blade that accumulated gummy, adhesive buildup and needed to be cleaned several times a day.

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