BINDERY matters

Trade Binder Adds New Equipment

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY—J&M Finishing recently installed a four-pocket Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 270 saddlestitcher with cover feeder to increase production and versatility in this all-Heidelberg shop.

In order to update J&M Finishing’s equipment, owner Mike Perreca temporarily replaced an existing six-pocket Stitchmaster ST 90 saddlestitcher with the new ST 270. Perreca plans to reinstall the ST 90 when additional space becomes available. In addition, J&M Finishing added additional pockets to two machines, making the new ST 270 a five-pocket stitcher and an existing ST 270 a seven-pocket system.

Founded in 1999, J&M also houses three B-30 Stahlfolders, a TD-56 Stahlfolder, a Stahl pile feeder, a Polar 115 cutter, a Polar 137 ED cutter, a Stahl three-hole driller, a Heidelberg perfect binder, an Omni-binder with saddlestitching and a Stahl knife trimmer.

Perreca plans to purchase the first Eurobind 1000 made in the United States early this year. He also intends to add an additional B-30 Stahlfolder and a B-26 Stahlfolder with hot-melt glue.

White Paper Details Bindery Integration

KENNESAW, GA—Heidelberg USA has released a white paper detailing the importance of postpress integration.

The paper titled “Postpress Integration: ‘CIM-plicity’ Itself,” discusses why the once-neglected bindery is quickly becoming a lightning rod for innovation. The paper considers a range of issues pertaining to the integration of postpress processes with prepress, press and MIS functions, and argues that an outdated bindery no longer represents the state of the art for future-oriented print shops.

Targeted to commercial and industrial print providers, “Postpress Integration: ‘CIM-plicity’ Itself” is part of Heidelberg’s response to escalating customer interest in CIP4/JDF-compatible postpress equipment and systems.

“Postpress integration is a critical issue today, as printers aim to streamline processes and increase efficiency on a daily basis,” says Larry Tanowitz, vice president of postpress for Heidelberg USA. “This white paper will help printers gain ideas and insights into increasing productivity, reducing labor expenses, improving turnaround time and ultimately increasing their bottom line.”

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