BINDERY matters

Direct Mailer Installs 20 Inserters

SWEDESBORO, NJ—Direct Group (DG), a provider in the high-volume, time-sensitive segment of the direct mail industry, has purchased 20 new BÖWE Bell + Howell DemandWorks CMC-250S high-speed inserters. Each new machine inserts as many as six items into envelopes at speeds up to 18,000 hour.

The new inserters feature interchangeable shuttle and rotary feeders to accommodate the weight and order of items that need to be inserted into a package. All will accommodate envelopes up to “stretch,” or 6×11˝. Some will also accommodate up to jumbo envelopes while still reaching speeds of 16,000 per hour.

These new inserters will help Direct Group break its own annual production record of 1.3 billion pieces produced and mailed in 2004.

Milestone Palletizer for Quebecor World

JONESBORO, AR—Gämmerler announced the sale of its 100th PR Robotic Palletizer to Quebecor World. The palletizer will be installed at the Quebecor plant here and was purchased in conjunction with the company’s on-going Offset Retooling Project, a strategic program designed to upgrade Quebecor World’s offset print production platform.

The PR 500 Robotic Palletizer that will be shipped to the Jonesboro plant palletizes both bundles and logs, and provides a highly flexible automation solution for a wide variety of production environments. Fully programmable, the it offers automatic pallet optimization and can store, change or copy pallet configurations. The system’s gantry-style design is custom fit to each plant’s specifications.

Pricing Study for Mailing Released

ALEXANDRIA, VA—The first-ever study of mailing service prices conducted by the industry’s national association has been released. “The Pricing Study for Mailing Services Report-2005” has been released and is available from the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA).

The 120-page report includes the median prices and mid-range prices for the industry’s 25 most common services, presented nationally, regionally, and by nine selected metropolitan statistical areas across the country. Prices are reported for jobs at five different quantity levels. The prices shown were in effect on January 1, 2005.

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