BFC Printing — Treating Clients Like Family

The 100-employee company has been located in the western suburbs of Chicago during its 28-year existence, first in Addison, IL, then in Batavia, IL. With its recent move to another location in Batavia, the company was consolidated into one building, boasting a 120,000-square-foot facility. Included is 15,000 square feet for general offices, a 45,000-square-foot production area, a 50,000-square-foot distribution center and 12 interior docks occupying 10,000 square feet.

When Novak Jr. and his brothers took over, BFC Printing acquired a printing company, Dupage Dupli-Print, and started offering integrated services, which got the company into manufacturing. Although this went against trends in the industry at the time, it was a better way to serve their clients, the brothers felt.

BFC Printing is not market-specific, but Novak Jr. says it’s had the greatest success with companies related to the insurance industry. It seeks out companies that have problems with the printing and distribution of their marketing collateral, and tries to solve their issues through integrated services.

From a manufacturing viewpoint, BFC Printing produces commercial sheetfed printing, with equipment options varying from 40˝, multi-color sheetfed presses to a one-color unit.

The company has found a delicate balance between what its clients want and need and where the technology can take them. Novak says that he likes to wait until new technology is proven in the industry and the price has dropped, so it is more economically wise to invest.

“Printing has always been printing; technology has advanced,” notes Novak. “Our philosophy is to blend cutting-edge technology with proven technology.” It is dangerous to automatically jump into new technology, he adds, because new technology will eventually become a proven technology. There is a right time and a wrong time to do it, according to Novak.

“For example, computer-to-plate technology is a must in our industry,” Novak explains. “Once it became proven, we got into a PDF workflow using Agfa Apogee. We’ve embraced the technology and now we are the Midwestern demo site for Agfa products.”

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