Ben Franklin Honor Society Inducts Eight Industry Notables

Sadly, Mr. Rizzo, Director of Technical and Lean Services, passed away suddenly on Feb. 15, 2011, while on assignment in suburban Boston. He was a loyal and dedicated employee, author, workshop leader, speaker, and among the world’s most knowledgeable people for production efficiency and excellence.

Diane Romano, HudsonYards
In addition to being president and COO of HudsonYards, Romano is a partner in Caps Visual Communication, its parent company. She serves on several industry boards and as co-Chair of NYU’s Center for Graphic Communications Management and Technology. Romano is a well-known industry speaker and the recipient of numerous prestigious industry awards. She previously held the position of Group Managing Director of Schawk Inc. Prior to that, Romano was President, Media & Entertainment Group of Seven Worldwide and President of Applied Graphics Technologies (AGT).

Hal Slager, Trico Graphics

1Slager has served his local affiliate, Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana Association (PII), for more than 12 years—three years as Treasurer and the balance as a director on the board. Additionally, he served on its finance committee for more than twelve years and as a member of PII’s Marketing Committee for three years. On the national level, Trico served as the Finance Committee Chairman and has been a member of the officers ranks for the last six years. He has chaired the Investment Committee since its creation four years ago and took the lead in setting up the Investment Committee of Printing Industries of America, interviewing potential investment firms along with other volunteers and directing the association to place its assets within a managed portfolio. Slager is a leader, visionary, and scholar and, most importantly, a friend to many in the industry.

Edward G. Slezycki, Wikoff Color

For more than 30 years, Slezycki has been a vastly sought-after individual in the printing industry. His expertise in troubleshooting pressroom issues runs the gamut of mechanical, electrical, lithographic, and personnel issues. From Service Manager at Miller Printing Equipment in Pittsburgh, to the Director of Customer Service at MLP USA, to his current position as Corporate Technical Service Manager at Wikoff Color, Slezycki has certainly assembled an expansive array of knowledge that brands him as a unique necessity for this line of work. He made his presence known in the printing industry yet again by joining both the Craftsman’s and Litho Clubs and by serving in many official capacities in these organizations.

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