Bell Inc. Selects a Suprasetter VLF Platesetter from Heidelberg

KENNESAW, GA—Feb. 11, 2009—Bell Inc. recently became the first U.S. company to purchase Heidelberg’s new Speedmaster XL 162 VLF press. Now, the Sioux Falls, SD-based folding carton producer is set to host the nation’s first installation of a Suprasetter 162 VLF CTP system to support its new VLF press. Both the press and the platesetting device are scheduled to be installed in April 2010.

According to Bell Vice President Ben Graham, the company evaluated a number of options. Bell chose Heidelberg’s VLF platesetter because it is specifically designed to run with the new VLF press, and offers what the company considers the best combination of performance features. “We believe that together these installations will create a model of highly efficient print and plate production,” said Graham. “Bell will be in a position to offer even the largest customers the kind of speed and flexibility we’re known for.”

Heidelberg’s Suprasetter 145/162/190 for large format set new standards in their class with regard to quality, reliability, flexibility and user-convenience. In addition to Heidelberg lasers and patented Intelligent Diode System, these models also feature excellent depth of focus, internal temperature stabilization and straightforward operation. Options chosen by Bell include internal punching and automatic debris removal. The company also will use environmentally friendly Saphira Chemfree thermal plates.

“Heidelberg’s Suprasetter family are ideally matched in terms of speed, quality and productivity with the capabilities of Heidelberg’s VLF Speedmaster presses,” said Ray Cassino, Director of CtP and Prinect Products, Heidelberg USA. “Bell Incorporated has chosen to leverage the power of its new press by taking advantage of these synergies.”

Bell Incorporated is one of the 10 largest, independently owned, folding carton companies in the country, and the world’s largest supplier of paperboard envelopes. The company also provides packaging services to some of the world’s largest food manufacturers.

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