Belcher Came Prepared

“We’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing an orderly leadership transition plan, and I like to think that its successful completion is a strong and positive legacy I will leave behind. Certainly, the corporation will be in excellent hands with our new CEO, as well as her entire management team.”

Belcher spent most of his youth in Kansas City, MO. When he was a sophomore in high school, his family moved to the Ozarks of “Missoura.” It may have been a small, country setting, but he realized the opportunity to work in the family business: a trout hatchery. That helped provide an appreciation for small-town life and the great outdoors. On the trout farm, he performed various duties, from cutting weeds to cleaning fish and delivering them. He was also saddled with cleanup chores, which made him appreciate the value of a dollar and the effort that’s put forth in earning one.

Unlike the other Hall of Fame inductees—Ray Scholler, Michael Simon and Rob Krehbiel, from companies with a combined 350 years of printing experience—Belcher does not come from a long and storied lineage of printers. But his love for the printed word—newspapers, books and magazines—at a young age steered him in that direction.

“In a lot of ways, printing kind of chose me,” he says. “I was with Avery Dennison 24 years before coming to Banta. I moved all over the world, running various parts of their business. Avery Dennison is not thought of as a large-scale printer, but it is in the printing business, particularly in labeling and labeling materials.”

When the opportunity to lead Banta presented itself, it fulfilled Belcher’s dream of heading a publicly held company. “What attracted me were the people, the culture, and I was intrigued by the dynamics of the printing industry and the challenges of reacting to a rapidly changing marketplace,” he says.

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