Beat that: Antique Printing Equipment

NAPCO’s Chandler and Price press.

Most printers have a variety of old equipment scattered around their facilities, and the same goes for Printing Impressions’ offices thanks to our founder’s interesting life story. Irvin J. Borowsky got started as a press operator at the tender age of 12. As mementos, various pieces of antique printing equipment—including the Chandler and Price press pictured—still dot the offices of the publishing company that grew out of his printing business.


Do you have a piece of equipment that can beat out our press for the “Most Antiquated” title? Share a photo of it on PI’s new Facebook page. Since all of the equipment at NAPCO is now purely decorative, you get extra points if yours is still functional, and double if it’s actually ever used in production.

Or, you can go for the “Most Unique Use” title if you’ve found a novel way to repurpose a piece of equipment.

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