WHEELING, IL—09/29/2010—BÖWE BELL + HOWELL (BBH), booth 3612, will feature industry experts, products and solutions for mailers of all sizes at this year’s GRAPH EXPO, to be held in Chicago from October 3-6.

“This year we are taking extra care to ensure that attendees of the show will be able to see and discuss solutions and industry changes that are most relevant to their business needs. In doing so, we have surveyed companies across the market to find out what their top priorities are, and what challenges and opportunities they are planning to address,” says Mark Van Gorp, BBH vice president of business development and marketing. “Based on their feedback, we’re demonstrating solutions specific to reducing per-piece cost, increasing message relevancy, and improving the environmental impact from operations. We’ll be showcasing a wide range of flexible and scalable solutions that provide significant benefits regardless of the size of the operation.”

“Of equal importance to the solutions we demonstrate is the industry and technology expertise we share with companies, and what better place to get people together than at GRAPH EXPO. So this year we’re including a theater for presentations focused on customer priorities and industry trends,” added Van Gorp. “Our goal is to have visitors to the booth leave with ideas they can implement, and get them thinking about customer communications in new and innovative ways.”

BBH plans to host numerous presentations over the course of the tradeshow. As an added attraction, Jeff Hayzlett, former CMO for Kodak and author of “The Mirror Test: Is your business really breathing?” will share thought-provoking advice on what people can do to ensure their business success.

Specific production mail solutions showcased include inserting and sorting systems, vision systems for quality and integrity verification, and ADF software for full production management. These include:

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