An Idea that Sticks to the Wall…Literally —Cagle

Topps Larger-than-Life Wall Graphics.

Topps Larger-than-Life Wall Graphics sample.

E-MAIL OFFERS rarely, if ever, catch my eye. I love advertising mail that comes to my home because a) it is the least intrusive type of advertising, and b) when I am ready to ponder offers, they’re sitting in a pile on my table, waiting patiently for me and not interrupting dinner.

But I’m not on a mailing soapbox (this month’s PI has plenty of articles on mailing, by the way). But I love fun ideas that make you smile, and one in particular has ties to a graphic arts company here in Philadelphia.

Since I am on Topps’ e-mail list and am a sports card collector of 30-plus years, the subject line of “Topps Larger-than-Life Wall Graphics” in a recent missive was intriguing. And, upon opening the e-mail, I was ready to reach for my wallet and wear out my credit card.

Topps is another venerable brand that has chosen to align itself with LTL Prints (, which transforms well-known images into full-size wall graphics, the type that appeal to children of all ages. These peel-and-stick graphics affix to all surfaces and can be repositioned 100 times without damaging the surface, according to the LTL Website.

The graphics are printed at 1,440 dpi resolution with eco-solvent digital inks on 10-mil repositionable fabric paper, with sizes ranging from 12˝ to 7′ in height. The prints feature UV coating and illuminate with back lighting. But one spec feature stands out above the rest: they’re really, really neato.

For example, the accompanying images depict 1980s-style baseball card wrappers. Older folks might appreciate the penny pack wrappers from the early 1950s, which would make for an amazing game or hobby room adornment. There’s nothing like a pleasant memory from your past to spruce up the living space of the present.

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