Bartash Printing Selects Tensor Group to Supply New Web Press Line

WOODRIDGE, IL—June 17, 2010—Bartash Printing, Inc., Philadelphia’s leading manufacturer of magazines, newspapers and niche publications, has selected Tensor Group, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer of single-width web offset press equipment, to supply its latest pressline.

Bartash will substantially increase productivity at its Philly plant with the purchase of three 4-high towers and one folder. The facility will house a total of 58 Tensor T-1400 units and five H-50 folders when the new press is installed in the fall of 2010.

The new units are enhanced with brush dampening, Essex Products Group (EPG) KeyColor remote ink control systems, and QI Press Controls closed-loop color-to-color and cutoff controls. Standard Electric will provide the press drives and operating console.

In 2009, Bartash invested in upgrading its existing press equipment by adding EPG and QI controls, along with improvements in prepress systems, to achieve improved print quality. Efficiencies gained by these improvements include less waste and increased plant capacity. The new units are equipped to match the current presses’ capabilities.

The Tensor H-50 folder has cross perforation capabilities and is equipped with a gluer for binding niche products. The folder is accompanied by a quarter folder for specialty advertisement jobs.

Bartash’s director of production Tom Meyer commented, “Bartash is highly committed to setting new industry standards for coldset print quality.” Owner and CEO of Bartash Printing

Sidney Simon said, “This goal is being achieved in a big way as we continue to win awards for quality from a number of industry organizations, including Publishing Executive Magazine, the GAA and WOA.”

In 2010, Publishing Executive Magazine ranked Bartash Printing #13 of the top 20 magazine printers in the U.S., and the Web Offset Assn. awarded Bartash 1st place awards for quality in three categories: 1, 2, or 3 Color Printing on Newsprint; Special Edition Commemorative or Self-Promotion by Coldset; and Bound Combination Coldset & Heatset. Bartash also captured 2nd place in the Special Edition Commemorative or Self-Promotion by Coldset category, and 2nd and 3rd place in the category of 4-Color Printing on Uncoated Paper Other Than Newsprint. The Graphic Arts Association (GAA) of the Delaware Valley recently presented Bartash with a Best-of-Category Award for Coldset 4-Color Magazines in the 2010 Neographics competition.

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