Banta Corp. — Pursuit of Excellence

Some of the challenges Streeter and her management team have faced include economic/marketplace issues, including pricing pressures, Asian competition and economy fluctuations that impact the supply chain and print markets; technology advancements; developing and maintaining quality employees; and crossing over from “good” to “great” company status through strong business discipline, culture, focus and building around the right people.

“We’ve embarked upon an overall strategy that has four cornerstones to address those challenges,” Streeter says. “These are all about making us world class in our approach to customers, how we deliver service and quality to them, our approach to the markets in which we choose to compete, how we deliver our services, and how we relate to and motivate employees.”

The aforementioned operational excellence is one of the four Banta cardinal doctrines. Some of the initiatives under this umbrella include focusing on the elimination of waste, training and education, efficiency and effectiveness, and utilizing its employee resources better.

The second cornerstone is positioning the company in selected markets and more precisely defining the market segments Banta wants to compete in over the long haul. In a sense, the divestiture of Banta Healthcare is indicative of this positioning.

A third cornerstone is the attraction, development, retention and engagement of the best available talent. Banta conducted a company-wide employee survey in 2004, and is acting on nearly all of the feedback that was received.

The fourth cornerstone is the development of strategic alliances and partnerships. Some of the partnerships range from casual alliances to solve specific issues, to targeting acquisitions that allow the company to add services, expand its geographical footprint or add scale to its business.

Getting Educated

Banta also stresses the educational/informational component of its relationships with customers. Addressing this area, the printer provides Webinars and Technovation seminars on topics ranging from color management and Website design to supply chain management concepts and design.

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