Baldwin Germany Consolidates Assembly of Automatic Blanket Cleaning Systems in Friedberg

FRIEDBERG, BAVARIA—02/25/2009—Baldwin Technology Co., Inc. reacts to a global slow-down in the printing and printing press market with a worldwide package of measures. The target is to strengthen the company’s competitiveness and sustainability under the current and foreseeable market conditions.

As a result of this restructuring program, Baldwin will relocate assembly of its Automatic Blanket Cleaning Systems with brush technology from the Egelsbach location (Baldwin Oxy-Dry GmbH) to the Friedberg operations by April 1st, 2009. This includes the brush systems ProTech CW for heatset web offset and ProTech2 NP for newspaper and semi-commercial printing, thus consolidating the complete German assembly of Automatic Blanket Cleaning Systems (brush and cloth type) at Baldwin Germany GmbH. Baldwin has made all necessary provisions to ensure first class service support and spare parts supply to brush system users during the transition period and beyond. Managed by Baldwin Germany GmbH, the areas of engineering and sales & service will remain at the Egelsbach location.

Dr. Steffen Weisser, Managing Director of Baldwin Germany GmbH, comments on the assembly relocation as follows: “By consolidating the cleaning system assembly, we will realize advantages in efficiency and costs. At the same time, we are preparing our company with a leaner structure to be able to react faster once the global economy recovers.”

In addition to this relocation, Baldwin operations in North America have also been restructured and manufacturing of the JetStream web cleaning systems has been transferred from Switzerland to the Swedish operations of Baldwin Jimek.

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