B2-Format HP Indigo Steals the Show

HP offered a look under the hood of the new HP Indigo 10000 press. (Double click to enlarge.)

HP Indigo 10000 beta tester Gary Peeling of Precision Printing in the U.K. shared his experiences with the machine and examples of the type of work his shop has run on it.

HP Indigo 10000 product shot.

The ink compartment of the HP Indigo 10000, including the more concentrated canisters and dual mixing chambers.

HP’s Chris Morgan welcomed the media to Israel and the company’s pre-drupa briefing.

If four-color pages are being printed at 120 pages/minute, for example, that means the press is actually completing 480 impressions (4 x 120). Since EPM only uses three colors, that means a total of 160 color pages (480 ÷ 3) can be output per minute, or 33 percent more (160 − 120 = 40; 40 ÷ 120 = 33 percent).

Another offset-like feature of the HP Indigo 10000 is a pallet feeder supporting a 33.4˝ pile height, supplemented by two media drawers that come standard and two more that can be added as an option. The grippers are said to be more sophisticated that their offset press equivalent to support the different prints speeds required for printing in various numbers of colors. “Tornado” vacuum systems separate the sheets, with a double-sheet sensor backing them up.

The print engine has the same basic architecture as existing models, but the drums were made proportionally larger and replacement of both the blanket and Photo Imaging Plate (PIP) are automated operations with these three larger models. Using an embedded spectrophotometer, registration cameras and vision system, the Quality Automation Suite is said to make it easier to maintain maximum print quality.

HP solution partners Horizon (SmartStacker B2-format cutter/slitter/stacker system) and MBO (K-800 signature folder) will be among those vendors providing new solutions for in- and near-line finishing with the HP Indigo 10000. New workflow solutions include HP SmartStream Production Center for managing large job volumes and updated versions of HP SmartStream Production Pro DFE and HP SmartStream Director.

HP Indigo Press Model Upgrades

The new flagship HP Indigo 7600 model offers a top speed of 160 ppm in EPM, along with innovations such as automated print defect detection in real time, light black ink for improved monochrome photo images, and on-press special effects—including watermarking, raised print and dimensional printing that simulates embossing. Those effects require additional impressions (which reduces the print speed) and monochrome clicks (up to 50 layers/revolutions for dimensional printing). The HP Indigo will be commercially available at drupa.

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