Dalim Highlights ES 3 and DVL Dynamic E-Books at GRAPH EXPO

Dalim Software's online production management, ES (Enterprise Solution)

KEHL, GERMANY—September 27, 2012—At booth 229 during GRAPH EXPO 2012, October 7-10 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Dalim Software, developers of highly efficient, scalable enterprise software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, highlights the latest release of its popular customer-facing online online production management, ES (Enterprise Solution).

Visitors can see firsthand ES 3’s sophisticated business and production management tools, including a redesigned user interface, making it easier to access, manage, control, organize, and sort projects and files. This latest version of the ES platform also includes a PDF-enriching option, and an API for easy connectivity with third-party applications. Combined with the Virtual Library (DVL)—recipient of a GRAPH EXPO MUST SEE EM—the solution lets users turn print-ready PDFs into interactive, browser-based HTML 5 flipbooks. Dalim Software will also show TWIST and DIALOGUE engine enhancements.

ES3: The ultimate user interface
ES 3’s next-generation user interface is smart, intuitive and powerful. Think of it as an online business planner on steroids. New features, providing enhanced flexibility for users, include:

  • Smart Folders, which can be dynamically created, depending on metadata matching certain criteria.
  • A check in/check out tool that takes the worry out of managing multiple versions.
  • Project Data Management creates subdirectories that organize project content—such as text and pictures—into meaningful, descriptive folders.
  • With its Application Programming Interface (API), ES 3 seamlessly integrates with any existing third-party MIS, ERP or DAM system.

Sometimes documents need to be shared with people who are not necessarily part of the supply chain. With the ‘Share’ feature, the operator simply clicks a button, and ES generates a URL and e-mail message allowing the file to be sent to whomever the person selects. Recipients simply download the file through that link.

ES and DVL combination receives a GRAPH EXPO Must See Em
Part of ES, DVL is a page-turning application providing real-time access to a realistic publication ‘look and feel’, even simulating paper grades, for softproofing review and approval before a job is printed. The Enrichment option of ES lets brands and publishing customers turn otherwise static, print-ready PDF files into interactive digital magazines, newspapers, corporate publications, brochures and catalogues—even adding movies and slide shows—for the iPad. Thus, the content provider has the tools to offer a much more dynamic ‘reader experience’ than just the pure conversion of a magazine ported to an iPad.

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