Dalim Highlights ES 3 and DVL Dynamic E-Books at GRAPH EXPO

Dalim Software's online production management, ES (Enterprise Solution)

Along with ES ‘Share’, DVL files can be shared with others—a product combination that has received a GRAPH EXPO Expo Must See Em. Partners can e-mail them for download, but they can also easily publish HTML5 code to embed the DVL file on any Website. Thus, printers have a very powerful tool to produce interactive online catalogs or magazines within minutes. While some prepress houses already provide this service, they are either Flash based with known compatibility issues, or the programming is very time consuming and costly.

“With ES and DVL, anyone—for example, printers, publishers or catalogue producers—can embed dynamic page-turning content on any Website, just as is done with YouTube videos, easily viewed by anyone,” explains Graham Blanks, director, business operations North America, Dalim Software. “For example, a prepress house producing printed catalogs can help a retailer display a digital version online, even before printing. Combine this with ES enriching technology, and you can produce interactive online catalogues or magazines within minutes, that can be dynamically updated if an item is sold out. While some prepress houses already provide this service, many are Flash based, with its compatibility issues. Or, other systems require very time consuming and costly programming. ES and DVL make it a very simple process.”

Updates to TWIST and DIALOGUE Engine
There are also exciting updates to the latest releases of TWIST and DIALOGUE Engine.

TWIST is as much as four times faster, bringing higher levels of workflow productivity. A new feature allows users to automatically compare versions of a document with the control to stop the workflow process if a problem or difference is found. Version 6.4 also features a new normalization method to optimize PDF files, originally intended for print, for use on mobile devices, eliminating artifacts and small white lines.

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