Astek Installs the First Durst Rho P10 320R Printer in North America

VAN NUYS, CA—June 19, 2012—Depending on who you talk to, Astek Inc. is a print shop, a wallpaper distributor, a design firm or something else. But now everyone can agree that this versatile professional imaging company is the first in North America to install the versatile, 10.5-ft., 10-picoliter Durst Rho P10 320R UV inkjet digital roll-to-roll printer.

Astek, the nation’s leading provider of specialty wall coverings, custom design and digital printing for the entertainment industry, retail chains, corporations and leading design agencies, also has acquired a Rho P10 250 UV inkjet digital flatbed printer. Together, these two printing platforms position the company as a premier source for some of the most detailed, demanding images clients can ask for.

“Our clientele spans a variety of different industries including: fashion retail, hospitality, architecture, interior design, motion picture and television, and we work with these companies to tackle challenges from giant murals to POP displays,” Astek President Aaron Kirsch said. “In a competitive environment, we attribute success to diversity in capability, dedication to technology and excellent customer service. These new Rho P10 printers are enabling us to build on that formula, by strengthening our capabilities and performance for our clients, while also improving our operational efficiency.”

Durst Rho P10 Series
The Rho P10 320R and P10 250 are members of Durst’s new Rho P10 Series of printers, designed specifically for producing a wide variety of hand-held and eye-level materials – backlit signage, POP and commercial displays, small packages, etc. – cost-effectively and at production speeds. It features Durst’s new Quadro® Array 10 print heads, employing ground-breaking silicon-based MEMS technology to print high-quality images with up to 1,000-dpi print resolution.

Rho P10 320R establishes a new quality standard for industrial roll-to-roll printing. Precision components developed by Durst include a proprietary magnetic linear drive carriage system for efficient, accurate printing. Image quality is ideally suited for high visibility backlit applications. The Rho P10 32R also prints directly onto textiles and stretch media. Productivity is enhanced by its ability to print two 1.6m rolls of material side by side, with different images on each. The single large roll option allows for uninterrupted operation, with top output speeds of up to 1,615 sq.ft./hr.