Asia Pulp & Paper to Appeal ITC Finding of Injury to Domestic Coated Paper Producers

WASHINGTON, DC—Oct. 22, 2010—Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), the leading exporter of coated paper from China and Indonesia, expressed disappointment today in the U.S. International Trade Commission’s (ITC) determination that the domestic industry has been threatened with material injury by its products. As a result of the ITC’s 6-0 vote—in which five commissioners cited threat—antidumping and countervailing duties will be imposed on imports of certain coated paper products from China and Indonesia.

“We are extremely disappointed in the commission’s decision,” said Terry Hunley, Acting President, APP Americas. “The evidence we presented strongly demonstrated that our imports have not harmed U.S. producers. We believe there are very strong grounds for appeal and we will begin pursuing our appeal options immediately.”

The coated paper investigated in this case is typically used for printing multicolored graphics for catalogues, books, magazines, labels and wraps, greeting cards and other items requiring high-quality print graphics. As a result of the Commission’s determination, APP product from China will be assessed a 25.2 percent AD/CVD duty rate. APP product from Indonesia will be assessed a duty rate of 38.0 percent.

“I want to assure our customers that we will continue to fight these duties, which are without merit,” Hunley noted. “We respect the Commission’s proceeding, but we believe this decision is not supported by the evidentiary record and will work to have it overturned. We remain committed to serving our customers in the United States and providing them with the quality service they have come to expect from us.”

About Asia Pulp & Paper
Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP Group) is one of the largest vertically integrated pulp and paper companies in the world with annual combined pulp, paper, packaging products, and converting capacity of over 15 million tons globally. Headquartered in China and Indonesia, the company markets its products in 65 countries, across 6 continents. The APP Group is dedicated to providing superior value to customers, employees, shareholders, and to the communities in which it operates.

APP’s production facilities are among the most advanced and environmentally efficient in the global pulp and paper industry. The company recognizes that a combination of social and economic best practices is the foundation for long-term business success, and is a leader in economic development in all of the communities in which it operates. The APP Group operates within globally recognized and verified standards in all of its production facilities, ensuring pulpwood suppliers meet stringent guidelines, guaranteeing sustainable forest management. Global Paper Solutions is a North American distributor of APP products.

Source: Company press release.

  • http://TomConley Tom Conley

    I am very disappointed in the decision of the ITC.

    The printing industry as a form of communication and information is and has been under assault for sometime. My concern is that given this ruling domestic coated mills will raise pricing that will continue to move consumers away from printing further.

    I am all for our domestic mills making profit, however their short sightedness in not investing in more modern technology should not give them a license to use the ITC to correct that shortsightedness.

    If we want to compete on the world stage then maybe Washington should use some of the billions of “bail out” money to subsidize our domestic paper industry like the Asians do!

  • http://ScottJones Scott Jones

    This is garbage. Our politicians voted in NAFTA free trade with Canada and Mexico. The mills fighting this are getting paper from South America. I have used APP stock and it is higher quality than the others.The unions are not needed anymore if America could keep costs down they would be able to compete. Stop the govt from being in my business this is a democracy or has Washington forgot.

  • http://Anonymous Anonymous

    You know what this means…Price increase from all current coated paper suppliers in North America. Why? Because they can!