Arandell Corp. Receives Corporate Business Achievement Award

Pictured from the left are: Pat Donahoe, Deputy Postmaster General and COO; Steven J. Forte, USPS Senior Vice-President of Operations; H. Don Landis, Vice President Postal Affairs, Arandell Corp.; and John E. Potter, Postmaster General and CEO.

MILWAUKEE, WI—April 21, 2010—The U.S. Postal Service recognized Arandell Corp. with its Corporate Business Achievement Award for the company’s commitment to a successful business partnership with the Postal Service. The award was announced at the annual National Postal Forum, held April 11-14 in Nashville, TN.

“We are pleased to recognize and honor Arandell Corp. for its innovation, creativity and leadership,” said Steven J. Forte, USPS Senior Vice-President of Operations, who nominated the company for the award. “It has produced winning business results and supported the mailing industry.”

Arandell Corp., based in Menomonee Falls, WI, is a family-owned, privately held printer and mailer, producing and distributing high-quality catalogs and custom publications for the world’s leading marketers. It provides service to retail, consumer, business-to-business, brand and custom specialty organizations. Arandell offers single-source production which includes premedia, printing, bindery, personalization, data processing, co-mailing, mailing and distribution, logistics, website development and electronic commerce.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, Arandell has been on the cutting edge of ecologically preferred methods of turning hazardous materials into productive uses, conserving resources and protecting the environment. Arandell is a test site for products limiting negative impact on air and water quality and misuse of land and makes capital investments in the latest and most-effective pollution control equipment. Arandell has made a commitment to surpass Federal and State laws regulating water and air quality, and collaborates with suppliers and customers to implement programs limiting the environmental impact of its products throughout its life-cycle from manufacturing to disposal.

Arandell has received tri-certification in forestry management practices from the Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative and Programmefor the Endorsement of Forest Certification. All three of these organizations are non-profit, non-governmental groups recognized globally for promoting responsible forest management. Arandell participates in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Green Tier program and is a SmartWay partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to protect our environment, reduce fuel consumption and improve air quality for future generations. It continues to invest in state-of-the-art pollution control equipment

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