Anderson Litho–The Logic of Investment

Anderson Lithograph’s recent investments—which include a new eight-color MAN Roland web press, plus ongoing digital prepress and pressroom quality enhancements (Hint: Harris & Bruno’s chambered doctor blade system)—are strengthening this high-end printer’s profit and productivity margins.


A LOOK at Anderson Lithograph, strictly from an equipment purchase standpoint, presents an interesting case study in the calculated risks and productivity merits associated with making the leap to new equipment investments.

Anderson Lithograph, a high-end commercial printer situated in star-studded Los Angeles, is no stranger to leading, even bleeding, edge technology investments. As of last month, Anderson Lithograph became a part of the high impact division of Mail-Well Print Group, bringing its reported sales of $150 million for 1998, its 420 employees and a host of new technology investments into the Mail-Well family.

In the prepress area, CTP has, for three years now, been well instituted at Anderson Lithograph. Lately, Anderson’s attention has been consumed by the promise of digital color proofing. Anderson, at present, operates a Kodak Approval and is currently evaluating Imation material running on a Creo ProofSetter digital halftone proofing device. A Creo ProofSetter is due for delivery this month.

Anderson Lithograph’s goal in electronic prepress is to be an extension of its customers’ creative needs. To accomplish this goal, Anderson has applied state-of-the-art technologies for image capture, image retouching, page assembly, film output and proofing (both digital and analog). Beta efforts at Anderson over the years includes work with Kodak HiFi Color Systems, SGI high impact graphic workstations and Creo thermal platesetters.

“By keeping current in all aspects of electronic image manipulation and image management, we can stay ahead of the pack and offer a greater range of services to our customers,” contends Mark Tennant, vice president of new business development at Anderson Lithograph.

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