Anderson Litho–The Logic of Investment

Right now, there is excitement about Anderson Lithograph’s sixth and most current web press installation, a MAN Roland eight-color in-line press, said to be the only press in the world set up as it is—capable of spot and overall coating on an essentially nine-color web. In the sheetfed line,

Anderson, at present, operates six 40˝ Komori presses: three six-colors with coater and three eight-colors.

In January, Innotech installed a two-station prefolder on the Rotoman, one of Anderson’s web presses. Innotech positioned its prefolder prior to the double-former folder, enabling a variety of special folded-signature configurations, such as single-gated six-pagers, double-gated eight-pagers and various roll-over folds.

Why Innotech? Innotech in-line finishing systems employ gap-cutting sheeter technology with a combination of Innoformer folding stations, and gluer and perforator functions to produce a wide variety of multi-folded and fully trimmed products on press. Prefolders using Innoformer air-bar plows enable running various gatefolded products through the press folder.

Harris & Bruno technologies also play a major role in Anderson’s sheetfed, UV coating operation, with Harris & Bruno’s LithoCoat chambered doctor blade system, allowing Anderson to lay down precise UV, aqueous and metallic coatings with their Komori tower coaters. This system utilizes a single engraved metering anilox roll, along with the chambered doctor blade system, to deliver uniform and consistent coatings.

Why the push to invest?

Quite frankly, Tennant reports, the powerhouse printer’s goal is to offer services to its customers that translate creative concepts into the text and graphics medium known as print.

“With new forms of communication technologies encroaching on advertising budgets, Anderson realized that only by pushing existing digital prepress and printing technologies and advanced finishing techniques—while continuously developing new ways to exploit the latest and greatest preprinting technologies—could we keep the art of print a dynamic communication,” Tennant adds

The future. This is Anderson’s motivating force behind each investment, whether the tool is a digital proofing device, a thermal platesetter, an advanced doctor blade system for high-quality coating or an on-press folding system.

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