AMS Introduces the XP5 Series High Speed UV LED Curing System

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY—May 7, 2012—Air Motion Systems | AMS UV, a leading U.S. manufacturer of high-performance UV systems for the graphic arts industry, announces the market availability of its all-new XP5 Series LED UV, the most powerful UV LED curing system available for drying inks, coatings and varnishes across offset, flexo and digital presses in conjunction with the opening of drupa 2012.

The XP5 Series boasts the greatest linear chip packaging density of any UV LED curing device ever developed, and allows entirely new levels of peak irradiance and total energy dose to be achieved at greater working distances than ever before. The XP5 power levels are critical to meet the most challenging curing applications in high speed commercial and newspaper web offset, large-format and packaging sheetfed offset, narrow-web flexographic label presses, and the next generation of higher production speed ink jet presses.

XP5 is based upon AMS’s market leading and patented XP Series Peak LED UV technology platform that combines novel chip devices, macro optics, and advanced thermal management into a durable solid-state curing device able to scale seamlessly from the narrowest curing widths to presses exceeding 200 cm (80˝) in format width.

Through all-new, patent-pending adjustable optics, peak irradiance in the XP5 series is generated in an intense band of ultraviolet light at 14 W/cm2 at up to 10 mm (0.4˝) distance away from the printed media to empower close-proximity final curing applications such as high-speed webs and digital flat-bed presses, while allowing tolerance to be achieved in placement of the lamp heads so they do not interfere with web handling, ink transfer or media travel.

For sheetfed applications, intensities can be provided at 9 W/cm2 at 50 mm (2˝) distances away from the printed sheets for effortless interstation curing on packaging-class machines, and at 5 W/cm2 at over 100 mm (4˝) distance away from the printed sheets, a critical threshold for curing inks, coatings and varnishes in the extended deliveries or upsweeps of most sheetfed offset presses.

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