AMS Announces First-Ever LED-Based UV System for Offset Presses

RIVER FALLS, WI—Nov. 15, 2010—Air Motion Systems announced a breakthrough LED-based UV printing system for offset presses that uses a cost-effective LED light source to instantly dry UV inks and varnishes at top press speeds.

By instantly “trapping” or drying both the front and back of sheets in-line, the LED-UV printing process eliminates marking concerns and dramatically speeds jobs through postpress.

Installed on a 40˝ sheetfed offset perfecting press in Japan, the system represents the first production system of its kind anywhere in the world. Benefits include instant postpress processing, elimination of spray powder, removal of heat and dramatic energy savings compared to infrared and conventional UV drying technology. The LED-UV system can be installed immediately following printing units or over a special drying cylinder on the press, depending on machine configuration.

The new system—called “XP3”—is based on revolutionary, patent-pending Peak LED-UV curing technology first introduced by AMS one year ago to an international audience at PRINT 09 in Chicago. Using a new generation of ultra-high-output UV LED chips in a compact, modular design, the system can scale to any width requirement and is effective at high-speed curing from distances up to 100 mm (4˝) away from the target media.

The AMS XP3 LED-UV system operates at as little as 20 percent of the electrical energy required of conventional UV systems, and without the heat, ozone ducting, human safety or lamp replacement and disposal concerns of conventional mercury lamps.

According to AMS President Steve Metcalf, “The XP3 LED-UV printing system represents breakthrough technology for printers looking to tap into the benefits of UV printing without the issues commonly associated with conventional lamp technology. For the first time, high-powered UV curing at real working distances is available from a 100 percent solid-state, semiconductor-based light source and is easily adaptable to a wide variety of new and existing machines on the market.”

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