Ames On Demand — Still Rolling On

Ironically, he didn’t have to look far to find a solution. Roll Systems, in nearby Burlington, MA, manufactures the DocuSheeter DT roll feed system with running perforator option. The DocuSheeter produces up to 50,000 11×17˝ sheets from a roll (or up to 200,000 duplex 8.5×11˝ images) to continuously feed a DocuTech.

“The DocuSheeter allowed us to maximize our productivity and, at the same time, control our paper costs significantly for this job,” adds Shea. “Like many printers we are facing very tight margins, so the savings we experienced cutting and perforating our own sheets on the DocuSheeter allowed us to remain profitable.”

Plain 11×17˝ sheets cut off a roll and perforated by the DocuSheeter cost $8.55 per thousand, versus $9.90 per thousand for 8.5×11˝ pre-perforated sheets. Plus, even for non-perforated applications, rolls saved $1.65 per thousand compared to buying 11×17˝ sheets.

The DocuSheeter’s running perforator option is also very simple to use. Its perf wheels resemble pizza cutters that perforate the paper before it’s sheeted and fed into the printer. “The setup takes only minutes, and you can quickly lower the perf wheels into position; and if you don’t need them, you just lift them up,” explains Shea.

Since the DocuSheeter DT was installed, AOD has experienced other benefits, as well. For starters, since sheets are fed one at a time to the DocuTech, with no pulling a sheet off a stack, the DocuSheeter significantly lessens paper jams.

“The manufacturer said the printer would jam less,” Shea says. “I admit, in the beginning, I thought this was a little bit of an over-promise, but it’s not. The printer with the DocuSheeter never jams and it runs longer.”

The DocuSheeter also improved overall productivity, especially during the company’s peak demand period, from July through September, including a huge crunch in August due to the beginning of the college season.

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