AmeriLam Is Named Exclusive North American Provider of GMP Specialty Laminating Equipment

KNOXVILLE, TN—June 16, 2014—AmeriLam Supply Group (ASG) has announced that it has been chosen as the exclusive provider of GMP specialty laminating equipment in North America. GMP, headquartered in South Korea, has been a global leader in the production of premium laminate films, new laminating methods and systems, and innovative print finishing techniques for nearly 30 years. Through this arrangement, Amerilam will now be bringing the new SHR and Sleeking methods to North America.

SHR Photo Production technology is a silver halide replacement photo production method invented in the last four years, and combines GMP laminate technology, HP Indigo photo printing, and a special Felix-Schoeller paper. The process allows the chemical-free production of premium photos that have the look, feel, and weight of traditional photos at 20 to 40 percent savings over standard photo production. In addition, the photos are produced digitally, and are far more durable than standard photo prints.

GMP’s new Sleeking technology is also attracting a large amount of interest in the print world, as an easy way to achieve spot UV, foil stamping, and holographic effects. Sleeking technology can apply clear or matte finishes (spot or UV), metallized backgrounds, or even holographic impressions in either spot locations or full coverage, on HP Indigo. The method—so unique that it has become known as “sleeking”—makes quick work of variable data and security applications, and provides amazing special effects.

“We’re thrilled to be chosen by an international leader like GMP,” said Steve Truan, ASG’s sales manager. “Their technologies and equipment are fast, easy-to-use, safe, and environmentally sound.”

AmeriLam is an exclusive distributor of the following three GMP systems:

  • The Protopic III-540 Dual, specially designed for producing on-demand SHR photos and sleeking at speeds of up to 49’ per minute on sizes of up to 21” by 31”.
  • The Eurolam III-540 Dual, the profession’s choice for automatic sheet-fed production of SHR laminating and sleeking of sheets up to 21” by 29”. Top speed is 65’ per minute (SHR) or 98’ per minute (standard.)
  • The LamiMaster 34, the ultimate photo laminator for high-speed production. This unit works hand-in-hand with web-fed Indigo units and can run at speeds of 400’ per minute—perfect for high-volume labs, photobook suppliers and large in-house photographic studios.

Family-owned AmeriLam Supply Group offers the broadest range of premium laminating equipment and films in America since 1989.

Source: AmeriLam.

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