American Direct Installing Sanden 1500 Web Press

BALTIMORE—April 13, 2011—American Direct, a sister company to Tidewater Direct, is acquiring an eight-color Sanden 1500 web offset printing press to be installed in its Baltimore facility in early May. This press brings variable-repeat printing capability to the plant and was specifically acquired to produce direct mail work—continuous forms, in particular. It will be the plant’s fourth and most-capable press and brings the the company’s fleet to 13 presses.

Management attributes American Direct’s success to its low overhead, quality equipment and a staff of craftsmen and industry veterans. The acquisition represents several benchmarks for the company, which currently operates three Harris 920 printing presses with a maximum of six colors in its 45,000-square-foot Baltimore facility. The Sanden press brings eight-color capability for 28″ and 22″ cylinder sizes, a full 28″ repeat (the Harris 920s are currently limited to 14″), automatic registration, and more.

The Sanden 1500 is fully equipped to run high-end direct mail component parts, including continuous forms, litho envelopes and more. With one of the most robust ink trains in its class, the machine is built to put down heavy coverage while mitigating ghosting and mottling. This is fortified by the ability to dry using double lamps at the end of units #4 and #8 (a total of 10 UV lamps are on the press), and chilled vibrator rollers that keep temperatures low as paper passes at up to 1,500 feet per minute.

A complementary four-section bindery, including cross and magnetic perforation units, is included in-line. Inking is handled remotely by a Paretta system, while video inspection and automatic registration use CC1 interfaces. The press can deliver sheets, rolls (continuous forms and litho envelopes) or fanfold products.

Tom Becker, president of American Direct, voiced optimism for the success of the press acquisition. “I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and the Sanden 1500 is one of the finest presses I’ve operated. I’m confident that this press will deliver the quality our clients require.”

Ken Boone, CEO of the company, added, “Eight color capacity puts American Direct in a market it’s currently not in; one it needs to be in to compete on the East Coast. The 28″ cylinders allow our clients to print continuous forms and litho envelopes on the same press, ensuring the best match possible. I’m confident that this investment not only puts us in these markets, but allows us to be a primary player.”

About American Direct
American Direct and its sister company, Tidewater Direct specialize in the efficient, quality web offset print production of high-volume direct mail component parts and packaging inserts. With 3 locations in Maryland and Iowa and a production footprint of 200,000 square feet, the companies are equipped to meet the tightest deadlines and highest volume demands.

Source: company release.