Alwan to Launch Print Standardizer 2.0 and Print Verifier 1.0 #Ipex

Finally, Print Standardizer Viewer displays a Sheet Analysis Report after each measurement on the press, enabling press operators to see at a glance on their console screens whether or not they are printing to ISO 12647 conditions.

NEW: Alwan Print Verifier at IPEX
In order to better align the practices of printers and print buyers, Alwan has also developed Print Verifier, a new print verification and certification solution for handheld devices that Alwan Print Standardizer users can offer to their print buyers.

Unique to Print Verifier is its ability to hold a number of quality control settings in its “Settings” manager. This allows users to save, export and import quality-control analysis conditions including: Target, Instrument, Control strip, Measuring conditions, and Certification method. This unique capability guarantees printers and print buyers that they are performing quality control measures in identical conditions, hence avoiding mistakes and inaccuracies that can lead to false results, disagreements, and other potential conflicts that can now be avoided.

“We are pleased to have successfully tackled the technical challenges that Version 2.0 of Print Standardizer encompassed,” said Luc Regnault, Alwan’s Director of R&D and recipient of much industry recognition, including the prestigious French “Ordre National du Mérite” decoration. “One of those significant challenges was the use of Black Backing measurement on the press when most popular reference printing conditions are available with white backing. The ability to extract information about the status of the press from measurements with a dot gain curve applied on them was another of those challenges that we were able to overcome in this version.”

Regnault cites ISO 12647-2 and ISO 12647-3 compliance criteria for sheets and print runs as the most delicate challenge of all, adding, “All similar software that we tested failed to deliver the right assessment and result in many cases. This can lead to problematic situations that Print Standardizer and its users do not encounter. When Alwan Print Standardizer passes a sheet or a print run, we can guarantee that those sheets or press runs will pass the audit criteria of certification organizations.”