Allied Printing–Crowning Customers

Allied Printing has developed a reputation for treating customers like royalty through full-service capabilities and a deadline-conscious, dedicated staff.


Allied Printing is celebrating its 50th anniversary by following the credo instilled by its founder, John F. Sommers: Never say no to a customer. And while the landscape of the commercial printing industry has witnessed numerous changes in the way business is conducted, it seems that Mr. Sommers’ motto has enjoyed a nice, long shelf life.

Never saying no, naturally, means always saying yes—an expensive proposition—yet it is one that has worked for Allied Printing Services Inc. Located five miles east of Hartford in Manchester, CT, this independent commercial printer boasts state-of-the-art equipment.

Included are Heidelberg web and sheetfed offset presses (along with a second eight-color, 40˝ Speedmaster CD press installed late last month); a digital photography studio; complete electronic prepress capabilities, with 16 Mac PowerPCs, 18 proofing units, various imagesetters, direct-to-plate systems and an Internet server with WAM!NET connectibility; as well as duplicating, diecutting and letterpress departments. Did we mention a full bindery; warehousing, shipping and receiving departments; and a fleet of company trucks?

Perhaps it is simpler to say Allied Printing has everything a customer could ask for, and a lot more. But it is an impressive laundry list of products and services.

“Many times, when customers come to us with a printing project, they just found out about it themselves,” notes John G. Sommers, 44, chairman and president of Allied Printing. “They’re under tight constraints on their side of the business. They want a quality job and they need it yesterday. We excel at providing that type of service. That philosophy has been instilled in all of us growing up here at the shop. Our salespeople don’t conjure up all these near-impossible deliveries. Customers need quick turnarounds for a reason, and that’s good enough for us.”

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