Alliance Press — Primed for Curing Success

Let’s get a few things straight about Matt Edwards. The president of Knoxville, TN-based Alliance Press is ultimately focused on providing the best possible product that coldset web printing can provide. Period.

Secondly, in order to meet that end, Edwards is interested in fresh and innovative ideas. So when he attended a UV printing seminar held by Prime UV and Flint Ink a couple years ago at the Web Offset Association’s (WOA) annual conference, Edwards found the best of both worlds—one that would launch the coldset printer into the realm of UV printing on coated and supercalendered stocks.

The result was a combination of Prime UV’s PRIME Optimal NEWS four-lamp curing system and Flint Ink’s Arrowlith UV ink for coldset web printing. Alliance Press served as a beta testing site for Flint’s new ink product and rented the four-lamp system from Prime UV to do some testing of its own. The curing system was a cure-all for Alliance, which gave the green light and purchased a four-lamp system that was installed on the printer’s Goss four-high (26 units) web press last August.

“Prime UV knew its equipment would cure a lot of different types of inks, so they weren’t concerned,” Edwards explains. “What we were concerned about was trying to find a way to make this work in the marketplace, in a fashion that would be feasible”

Founded in 1979, Alliance Press began life as a printer and publisher of community newspapers and grocery inserts. The publishing arm was discontinued as the company focused more on providing high quality coldset printing. Those core goals have been validated numerous times on a national level—Alliance Press and its staff of 35 employees have captured a pair of first place awards for four-color coldset work in the WOA’s annual printing competition the last three years.

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